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What support is available to me?

The Northern Ireland Executive has put in       If your Housing Benefit is reduced because
place arrangements to provide financial         of Social Sector Size Criteria, a Welfare
support for people impacted by the changes      Supplementary Payment will be available
to the welfare system.                          until 31 March 2020.

                                                You do not need to make a claim for this
                                                Welfare Supplementary Payment. If you
                                                qualify, the Department for Communities
                                                will pay it directly to your landlord, unless
                                                your Housing Benefit is paid directly to you,
                                                then you will also receive it directly.

What do I need to do?

The letter with this leaflet tells you why the  If it is not correct, or you think you are
Housing Executive thinks you are affected       not affected, you should complete the
by this change. It is important that you        Household Details Form and return it
check the information they hold about your      to the Housing Executive in the prepaid
household is correct.                           envelope provided.

                                                Social Sector Size Criteria // An Introduction
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