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Is anyone allowed an
extra bedroom?

Some households may be allowed an extra         •		rooms used by students and members
bedroom. One extra bedroom is allowed for:         of the armed forces will not be counted
                                                   as unoccupied if they’re away and intend
•	 an approved foster carer who has a child        to return home
   placed with them
                                                In addition, you may be entitled to an extra
•		an approved foster carer who is between      bedroom if you have recently suffered
   placements, but only for up to 52 weeks      a bereavement in the household.
   from the end of the last placement

•		a newly approved foster carer for up to 52
   weeks from the date of approval if no child
   is placed with them during that time

Who won't be affected?

You will not be affected by Social Sector Size  •	 you live in non-mainstream
Criteria if:                                        accommodation, for example,
                                                    houseboats, caravans or mobile homes
•	 you, or your partner, have reached state
   pension age                                  •	 you live in a shared co-ownership scheme

•	 you live in supported accommodation          •	 you live in temporary accommodation

What will change?

If you are assessed as having one or more
extra bedrooms than is necessary for your
household it is possible that the amount
of Housing Benefit that you receive will
go down.

The amount allowed for rent and any eligible
service charges will be reduced by:

•	 14% if you have one extra bedroom, or

•	 25% if you have two or more
   extra bedrooms.

Social Sector Size Criteria // An Introduction
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