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Social Sector Size Criteria

Changes to Housing Benefit

The way that Housing Benefit is calculated for tenants in social housing is changing.
From 20 February 2017 there will be new rules for Housing Executive and Housing Association
tenants who are in receipt of Housing Benefit aged between 16 years and state pension age.
Pensioners are not affected by this change.
Under the new rules you will receive Housing Benefit based on the number of people in your
household and the number of bedrooms in your home. This change is called the Social Sector
Size Criteria, sometimes referred to as the 'Bedroom Tax'.

What does Social Sector
Size Criteria mean?

The Social Sector Size Criteria allows
one bedroom each for:
•	 every adult couple
•	 anyone else aged 16 or over
•	 any two children of the same sex

    aged under 16
•	 any two children aged under 10
•	 any other child (other than a foster

    child or child whose main home is
•	 children who can’t share because
    of a disability or medical condition
•	 a carer (or team of carers)
    providing overnight care
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