Page 3 - RHA Tenant Participation Strategy 2014-2017
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Detailed below are some of the ways Tenants/Tenant Groups/Resident/Community Groups can become
involved in Tenant Participation and Consultation with the Association:

 Member of a Residents Group
 Member of a focus Group
 Member on local Inter-Agency Group
 Member of a Tenants forum
 Member of Board of Management
 Annual General Meeting - The Board is elected by the Association’s membership at the AGM
held in June each year. Advance notice of the meeting is publicised and tenants are encouraged
to become Board Members via newsletters or other publications.
 Scheme Visits - Consultation & Feedback via Scheme visits - We aim to meet all of our tenants
face-to-face at least once a year and use this opportunity to ask tenants their views on
preferred participation and consultation methods. We will also ask people about which issues
they would like to be consulted on.
 Face to face meetings or telephone consultations
 Tenant Satisfaction Surveys which are completed annually -Whilst it is important we keep our
tenants involved on all matters it is also important we listen to their views and act upon them
 Repair Satisfaction Surveys completed after each works order to ensure any dissatisfaction is
 Annual Tenant Newsletter - Input to or any other written documents with the opportunity to
comment in writing (Tenant Competitions normally publicised within Tenant Newsletter)
 Information leaflets on an ad hoc basis concerning for example updates on welfare reform, rent
payment methods, maintenance issues
 Rent Increase letters forwarded to all tenants 28 days prior to 1 April each year.
 Electronic Versions of Annual Report, Business Plan & Corporate Strategy are available publicly
on our website at and includes information on the Association
performance targets and results for each year.
 Compliments and Suggestions feedback form contained within newsletter and available on
website – Tenants contributions to the development and improvement of our services is
essential to ensure that we provide the highest level and quality of services thus tenants are
invited to submit any comments, suggestions or compliments they may have.
 Use of Social Media (face book, twitter)
 Conferences and other training events
 Consultation with local Community Groups reference future developments -It is a core belief
of Rural Housing Association that the housing requirements of small rural communities are
best identified, understood and solved through close co-operation with local community
groups. To this end the Association works closely with all local communities in assessing needs
and delivering appropriate housing solutions in what is, predominately a very specialized rural
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