Page 2 - RHA Tenant Participation Strategy 2014-2017
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Rural Housing Association is a Registered Housing Association established in 1992 and has 432
properties dispersed throughout Northern Ireland.

Rural Housing Association recognises the importance of tenant participation and is committed to
encouraging and supporting tenants to become involved in making decisions about the services the
Association offers.

Tenant participation is a continually evolving process, progressing as new issues and drivers arise. The
Association recognises that due to the dispersed nature of our stock, involving tenants in meaningful
engagement is always going to be a challenge, therefore it is even more important that we work hard
to develop other ways to encourage involvement at a local level from our tenants throughout our
housing stock.

The Association is committed to offering tenants opportunities to become involved at whatever level
suits them in the drive for continual improvement of our services.

This strategy outlines the Association’s commitment to keeping tenants informed about all aspects of
our work and providing opportunities for tenants to participate and influence decisions on the way in
which services are delivered.

Tenant participation means enabling tenants to take part in decision-making processes and influencing
decisions about housing policies, housing conditions, tenancy management and any other related
services. Tenant participation is a two-way process, which involves the sharing of information, ideas
and power in order to improve the standard of housing conditions and services.

In monitoring the success of this strategy the Association will work closely with relevant partner
agencies, NIFHA & DSD and any other stakeholders involved in promoting and supporting tenant
participation and its tenants and residents.


We appreciate that not all of our tenants and customers will want to be part of a group and attend
meetings. We understand that people have different needs and therefore we feel it is important to
offer different ways or activities for Tenant Participation, however, we must respect a tenant’s right not
to participate. Where it is clear that an individual tenant does not wish to participate, then this right
will be observed so long as we can continue to comply with the legal requirements placed upon us.
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