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Chief Executives Report
                                                                                                                                                 Our Team

                                                                                                     Tenants Satisfaction Survey Results – Your Views
                                                                                                                                   Housing Management

Feedback From Property Management Team - Repairs And Maintenance

Response Maintenance                              Response Works Orders And % Delivered              This survey is completed on a hand held tablet
                                                  Within Standards Of Service                        where our JMC Engineer will talk you through
In April 2016 Rural Housing Association signed                                                       the process when they complete the works.
a new contract with JMC Mechanical and            Table 1.1 below outlines our results for the year  The tablet includes a satisfaction survey as well
Construction to carry out the Associations        2016/17 to date regarding KPI Completions which    as a section for the tenant to sign off that the
response and planned maintenance works. The       assess how many jobs are completed within the      works are complete.
contract will run for 3 years with options to     target of each urgency category JMC have also
extend depending upon performance. We are         introduced their own tenant satisfaction exit      This information is then passed back to Rural
delighted to be working with JMC who have         survey, which is completed by the JMC engineer     Housing and allows us to track that the
vast experience of social housing contracts       before they leave your property.                   works are being complete on time and to our
and we look forward to working in partnership                                                        tenants satisfaction.
to ensure we continue to provide an efficient
repairs service for all our tenants.                                                                 It is the Associations aim to provide the best
                                                                                                     possible Repairs service to our tenants and
The new contract with JMC has introduced new                                                         we are determined to continually improve on
features as a direct result of tenant feedback.                                                      our performance levels each year and take on
In the past our tenant’s satisfactions surveys                                                       board any tenant feedback or examples of
highlighted frustration with Contractors                                                             best practice.
cold calling tenants and not making prior
access arrangements, which has now been           Mullaghbane
addressed with the introduction of specific
requirements for appointments to be made
for all works. Tenants also felt that there was
too big a gap between an urgent works order
at 4 days and routine works order at 20 days,
so we’ve addressed this issue by introducing a
new system of Routine 1 and Routine 2, with
Routine 1 having completion target of 10 days.

                                                                                                                        *KPI Key Performance Indicator

Satisfaction On Dealing With       % Expressing   % Expressing   % Expressing   Image Thumbs                                     Target
         Maintenance               Satisfaction/  Satisfaction/  Satisfaction/        Up
                                    Rating 2016    Rating 2015    Rating 2014                            Job Type        Total       KPI      2016
                                                                                                                        Number   Completion  Results
                                                       92%                                           Emergency Call     of Jobs   expressed
Overall Satisfaction With Rural’s                                                                    Out (attend
Maintenance/Repairs Service        88%                 87%       85%                                 within 4 hours        74    as %
                                                                                                     and remedy with
Satisfaction With Quality          93%                 76%       84%                                 24 hours)            226    85% 100%
Of Work                                                                                              Urgent (within 4     218
                                                       90%                                           working days)        304
Satisfaction With Communication;   83%                           75%                                 Routine 1 (within    822
ie. Told When Contrators Calling                       78%                                           10 working days)
                                                                                                     Routine 2
Satisfaction Reference Dirt &      95%                 85%       83%                                 (Within 20                  80% 93%
Mess Kept To A Minimum                                                                               working days)               80% 89%
Satisfaction Reference Time        81%                           79%                                 Overall Totals              80% 81%
That Work Was Started                                                                                                            80% 88%

Satisfaction Reference Speed       86%                           85% Same
Work Completed

Satisfaction Reference Attitude    94%                           86%
Of Contractors

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