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Chief Executives Report
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Tenants Satisfaction Survey Results – Your Views
Housing Management

Tenant Satisfaction Survey – What Are The Priorities?

Respondents were asked to choose, from a list of priorities, what was most important to them.
Fig 1.2 details that the top three most important areas are Repairs & Maintenance, Quality of
Home and Neighbourhood.

       Support Worker           5                     61
 Anti Social Behaviour                        28     59
   Support and Advice                    20        53 169
       Value for Money
Repairs and Maintenance                              59 148                                     Mullaghbane
   Listening to Residents                         60 80 100 120 140 160
Overall Quality of Home                                                                        We note from the survey higher numbers
Keeping Residents Informed                                                                     experiencing problems with Dogs and other
                                                                                               Domestic animals – It can be annoying and
                                0 20 40                                                        disturbing to hear a dog’s constant bark, howl
                                                                                               or whine.
Other issues identified in the survey include the following:
                                                                                               If a neighbour’s barking dog disturbs you or
        Youth Disorder          10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90                                     causes a nuisance, you can complain to the
   Vandalism/Graffitti                                                                         dog warden in your council or report to our
                                                                                               Housing Management team who will endeavor
                    Dogs                                                                       to help you resolve the issue.
Other Animal Problems
                                                                                               How Others Can Help?
            Harrasment                                                                         • Make sure your dogs do not cause your
                                                                                                 neighbour any annoyance or disturbance
   Noisey Neighbours
    Drunkness/Rowdy                                                                            • Please ensure that your dog does not
                                                                                                 foul in public places and if they do, please
   Noise from Others                                                                             clean up after them
  Drug use or Dealing
Abandoned Vehicles                                                                             • Keep your dog under control at all times
 Damage of Property                                                                              (whether on or off the lead) and make sure
                                                                                                 your pet never strays
          Other Crime
            Car Parking                                                                        Other issues including Noisy Neighbours,
                                                                                               Car Parking, Noise from Traffic, litter and
   Noise from Traffic                                                                          rubbish were also identified as key concerns -
                                                                                               We are committed to continuing to offer help
                             0                                                                 and support in tackling these issues that affect
                                                                                               our tenants.
                                No Problem	       Serious Problem	  Slight Problem
                                                                                               Tenants have the right to live in peace and
                                                                                               harmony with their neighbours.

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