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Chief Executives Report
                                                                                                                                                   Our Team

                                                                                                       Tenants Satisfaction Survey Results – Your Views
                                                                                                                                     Housing Management

Fig 1.4 Value For Money                              Fig 1.5 Satisfaction That Association Listens Fig 1.6 Keeping You Informed

We are always looking for ways to improve the        Fig 1.5 details that 91% of our tenants were      We recognise the importance of keeping all our
value for money that we deliver to our tenants.      satisfied that we listened to their views and     tenants informed on matters that are relevant,
                                                     acted upon them. We hope to continue to           for example any changes in the Housing Benefit
Fig 1.4 details that 92% of our tenants expressed    work in partnership with all our tenants to       rules and other social security benefit changes
overall satisfaction with the value for money        continually improve this.                         etcetera therefore we are pleased to receive
for the rent of their property, same result as                                                         such positive feedback with 95% of our tenants
last year. We will continue to ensure that every     The Tenant Champion role is very important to     advising they were either fairly or very satisfied
£1 counts and is reinvested in the management        us. We recognise that over the years, the tenant  that the Association keeps them informed.
and maintenance of our Housing stock.                champions who reside in our schemes have
                                                     been an incredible support to us and we really
Housing Associations like Rural have to              value their input.
continually address ways of adding value to the
estates and communities in which they operate.       The Tenant Champion role is being developed,
We hope to continue to work in partnership with      with a view to helping us to work with other
all our tenants to continually improve this figure.  tenants in their schemes or local areas to pass
                                                     on information about a variety of issues such
                                                     as energy efficiency, welfare reform or learning
                                                     new skills such as using a computer or helping
                                                     others to complete applications forms on the

                                                                                                       Very Satisfied            75%
                                                                                                       Fairly Satisfied          20%
                                                                                                       Fairly Dissatisfied        3%
                                                                                                       Very Dissatisfied          2%

Very Satisfied           68%                                        Other Results                                            2016 2015
Fairly Satisfied         24%                                                                                                Results Results
Neither                                                     64%
Fairly Dissatisfied       3%                                27%                                                              97% 94%
Very Dissatisfied         2%                                 6% Satisfaction with staff
                          3% Very Satisfied                  2% being helpful                                                92% 86%

                                       Fairly Satisfied      1% Getting hold of                                              85% 85%
                                       Neither                        right person
                                       Fairly Dissatisfied
                                       Very Dissatisfied              Satisfaction with
                                                                      final outcome

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