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Tenants Satisfaction Survey Results – Your Views
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Tenant Satisfaction Results - A Summary of the Key Findings

Fig 1.1 Tenant Satisfaction With Services         Fig 1:2 Satisfaction With Quality Of Home       Fig 1.3 Satisfaction With Neighbourhood
                                                                                                  As A Place To Live
Throughout this report we have provided           Of all respondents 95% were satisfied with the
details of the survey. One of the most            overall quality of their home, 1% up from last  The vast majority of tenants are satisfied with
important questions is “satisfaction with our     year’s result.                                  their neighbourhood as a place to live – results
overall service?”                                                                                 have remained fairly consistent over the last
                                                                                                  three years (97% in 2016, 98% in 2015, and 97%
We are therefore pleased to report that taking                                                    in 2014.
everything into account, Tenant Satisfaction
with the overall service was extremely high with
93% of respondents saying they were either
fairly satisfied or very satisfied.

Very Satisfied                                                  Very Satisfied       74%                               81%
Fairly Satisfied                                                Fairly Satisfied     21%                               16%
Neither                                                         Neither               2%                                2%
Fairly Dissatisfied                                             Fairly Dissatisfied   2% Very Satisfied                 1%
Very Dissatisfied                                               Very Dissatisfied     1% Fairly Satisfied              0%

                                                  82%                                             Neither
                                                   11%                                            Fairly Dissatisfied
                                                   3%                                             Very Dissatisfied
                                                    1%                                            What Are We Doing?

                                                                                                  We are always happy to hear from you about
                                                                                                  your local area or about any local events, for
                                                                                                  example community or fundraising events and
                                                                                                  are at the moment promoting scheme visits
                                                                                                  and walkabouts, therefore, if you would like
                                                                                                  a member of staff to accompany you on a
                                                                                                  walkabout of your area, or would like to discuss
                                                                                                  any other concern, please contact either your
                                                                                                  Housing or Technical Officer who can arrange
                                                                                                  for these to be done.

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