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Chief Executive’s Report
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  Chief Executive’s Welcome

    Stephen D Fisher

Many thanks for looking at this year’s Tenant Newsletter. Every year we try to give you a flavour of
what has been happening around our schemes and throughout our organisation.
We have included the results from our 2016 tenant satisfaction survey so you can see how we are
meeting our commitments to you. I am delighted to report that there has been a rise in tenant
satisfaction levels across all the services we provide to you – details are provided on pages 6-7. The
results from the survey guide us on how we target our resources and services in the coming year.
Many thanks to all of you who responded and congratulations to this year’s winner of the prize draw
announced on page 5. It is that time of year again when we provide you with a Winter Action Plan,
which, we hope will help you and your family stay comfortable and safe over the winter. I would
encourage you to read this. Full details are on page 24.
In this edition of the tenant newsletter we have included more information and advice on welfare
reform and details on how you can become involved in the work of the Association through our
Tenant Participation menu of options is outlined on page 29.
For Rural Housing Association, 2017 will be a special year as we will be celebrating 25 years of providing
homes throughout rural Northern Ireland. If you have any ideas for a feature or have news you would
like to share from your scheme or old photographs of the scheme please feel free to forward them
to us and we’ll include it in our celebrations next year. You may want to tell us about a neighbour
who always wants to go the extra mile and help others. Maybe you have concerns about the future of
the rural communities you live in, for example employment, transport or broadband coverage. If you
think there is a case to be made, let us know and maybe we can help. With the impending changes in
benefits and the increasing unemployment, times are difficult and the more help and advice we can
give each other the better.
On our final pages you can find out how to contact us in an emergency over the Christmas break.
Finally I would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and very Best Wishes for the
coming year.
Stephen D Fisher,
Chief Executive

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