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Residents Corner
                                                                                                        Tenant Participation


Supporting Tenant Participation

Rural Housing Association recognises the             or others test whether our services meet the       If you think you might like to get involved in any
importance of Tenant Participation and is            required standards and to help identify any        of these options outlined please free to contact a
committed to encouraging and supporting              weaknesses so that we can focus on improving       member of the housing management team on
tenants to become involved in making decisions       these areas. The quality of services we deliver    028 8224 6118 or e-mail
about the services the Association offers.           to our customers is vital to ensure continued      or return the attached slip.
                                                     tenant satisfaction.
Tenant participation is a continually evolving                                                          Scheme Visits - We aim to meet all of our
process, progressing as new issues arise.            Estate Walkabouts - Are joint inspections of a
The Association recognises that due to the                                                              tenants face-to-face at least once a year and
dispersed nature of our stock across rural           scheme or a local area with interested tenants,    use this opportunity to share information and
areas in Northern Ireland; involving tenants in      local groups and representatives from other        ask tenants for feedback regarding our services.
meaningful engagement is always going to be a        agencies. The walkabouts will help identify any    During these visits we will also ask people
challenge, therefore it is even more important       issues or areas of concern and will attempt to     about which issues they would like to be
that we work hard to develop other ways to           find solutions to address them.                    consulted on.
encourage tenant involvement at a local level.
                                                     Register Of Interest Tenants - We Keep A           Participation In Completing Tenant
Here are just a few examples of different                                                               Satisfaction Surveys - Tenant Satisfaction
ways you can become involved.                        register of tenants who are interested in being    Surveys are completed annually -Whilst it is
                                                     consulted on a range of housing services, for      important we keep our tenants involved on all
Opportunities To Get Involved                        example; Housing Benefit, Welfare Reform,          matters it is also important we listen to their
                                                     Maintenance & Repairs, Policies within the         views and act upon them – Repairs & Maintenance
Through ongoing feedback from our tenants we         organisation, tenant newsletters, Interagency      Satisfaction Surveys are completed after each works
appreciate that not all of you will want to be part  working etc. You can specify the area or topic     order to ensure any dissatisfaction is addressed.
of a group and attend meetings. We understand        that interests you.
that people have different needs and therefore                                                          Annual Tenant Newsletter - Input to our
we feel it is important to offer different ways or   Conferences And Other Training Events -            Newsletter or any other written documents
activities for Tenant Participation, however, we     Training will be offered to any tenants who wish   with the opportunity to comment in writing.
must respect a tenant’s right not to participate.    to become involved in any of the options outlined
                                                     to help them increase their skills and knowledge.  Information leaflets on an ad hoc basis
Ways In Which You Can Become Involved                                                                   concerning. e.g. updates on welfare reform, rent
                                                                                                        payment methods, maintenance issues.
• Member of a Residents Group
• Member on local Inter-Agency Group
• Member of Board of Management

Tenant Champion - Tenant Champions

support the Association by working with other
tenants in their schemes or local areas by
helping to pass on information about a variety
of issues such as energy efficiency, welfare
reform or even helping them to learn new skills
such as using a computer and helping others to
complete applications forms on the computer.

Mystery Shopping - We have requested

Supporting Communities to help us coordinate
mystery shopping exercises whereby tenants

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