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Welfare Reform
Maintenance Advice
Stay Safe

                                                                                                     Call RURAL HOUSING ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                     during office hours on 028 8224 6118 or
                                                                                                     Tele-care, outside office hours on
                                                                                                     028 9042 1010 (Rural Housing Association
                                                                                                     uses the support services of Tele-care for
                                                                                                     repairs reporting outside normal office
                                                                                                     working hours and over holiday periods.
                                                                                                     Telecare only deal with Emergencies.

                                                                                                     Or use RURAL HOUSING ASSOCIATION

Winter Action Plan 2016/2017

Getting Ready For Winter                          What should I do if I have no water:               Top tips for keeping warm and well
                                                                                                     this winter:
We have put together these simple steps to help   • If your water supply fails, you either have a
you beat the freeze. A cold home not heated         burst pipe inside the home, or a leak in the     • Keep warm by setting your heating to the
over an extreme cold period can lead to serious     mains system, or the water is frozen               right temperature (18 to 21°C)
damage to the fabric of the dwelling if not
drained or heated.                                • If you think it’s a mains supply, call NI Water  • Have your flu jab to protect yourself and
                                                    on 0845 744 0088 or visit          others from influenza, if in an eligible group
Prevent your pipes from freezing:
                                                  • If a leak occurs within the home, contact        • Look out for friends, relatives and neighbours
• Ensure your central heating system is on for      Rural Housing Association                          who may be vulnerable to the cold
  short periods throughout the day to keep the
  room temperatures                               IMPORTANT: It is a tenant’s responsibility to      • Stay tuned to the weather forecast and plan
                                                  ensure this doesn’t happen. The onus is on           ahead with supplies
• Lift the trap door slightly from the roof       each individual tenant to inform Rural Housing
  space to allow warm air to rise into the loft.  Association, if you intend to have your property   • Have regular hot meals and drinks throughout
                                                  vacant over the winter period.                       the day and keep active to help your body
• Open base unit doors to the sink to stop                                                             stay warm
  pipes freezing                                  Home Contents Insurance
                                                  Are You Insured?                                   • Have your heating and cooking appliances
If you intend to be away from your home                                                                checked regularly
during the holiday period, please contact the     Insure your home for peace of mind. As your
housing association who will provide further      landlord we are responsible for insuring           • Wear a few layers of thin clothing rather
advice and assistance.                            the buildings you live in, however it is the         than one thick layer, and when you need to
                                                  responsibility of the tenant to insure they have     go outside wear shoes with slip resistant,
If my pipes are frozen or have a leak/burst       in place home contents insurance to protect          good grip soles
pipe, what next:                                  against damage to, or loss of, an individual’s
                                                  personal possessions whilst they are located
• Contact Rural Housing Association immediately   within their individual home.heir individual
• Turn the water supply of at the stop cock
• Try to minimise the escaping water with towels
• If the water has come into contact with

  electrical fittings the electricity should be
  turned off at the mains

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