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      WATCH OUT !                                  WATCH OUT!                                    Early symptoms of Carbon Monoxide (CO)
                                                                                                 poisoning can mimic many common ailments
  CARBON                                           CARBON                                        and may easily be confused with food
 MONOXIDE                                          MONOXIDE KILLS                                poisoning, viral infections, flu or
                                                                                                 simple tiredness.
                                                                                                 Symptoms to look out for include:
 NOVEMBER                                                                   • Headache        • Dizziness

                                                                                                 • Nausea          • Collapse

                                                                                                 • Breathlessness  • Unconsciousness

!                                                                                                If you or your family experience any of the
                                                                                                 above symptoms and you believe CO may
Carbon Monoxide Kills!                                                                           be involved, you must seek urgent medical
You Can’t See It, Taste It, Or Smell It                                                          advice from either your GP or an accident and
                                                                                                 emergency department. You should ask for a
                                                                                                 blood or breath test to confirm the presence of
                                                                                                 CO. Be aware, CO quickly leaves the blood and
                                                                                                 tests may be inaccurate if taken more than four
                                                                                                 hours after exposure has ceased.

                                                                                                 Detailed health information for carbon monoxide
                                                                                                 is available from the Public Health Agency.

What is it?                                        What Should You Do?                           Visit
Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas          Always allow access when annual boiler/       Tel: 0300 555 0114
that is very difficult to detect as you cannot     appliance servicing is taking place. It is a
see, smell or taste it. It can be given off by     tenant’s responsibility to ensure access is   Remember: it is a tenant’s responsibility to
appliances which burn gas, oil, coal or wood       granted when an engineer is in your area.     have your chimney cleaned once a year by a
if they’re not working properly. High levels of    Ensure your home is properly ventilated -     professional chimney cleaner.
Carbon Monoxide can prove to be fatal, even        never block vents.
low exposure can cause lasting damage. This
deadly gas can be produced if your appliance       Make sure all chimneys and flues are
is faulty, the room is not properly ventilated or  regularly swept and kept clear.
the chimney/flue is blocked.

Remember: it is a tenant’s responsibility          Rural Housing Association, has provided
to have your chimney cleaned once a year           carbon monoxide alarms to the
by a professional chimney cleaner. Further         Association’s properties. If you have not
guidance can be obtained at        yet received one and would like one fitted,
(Northern Ireland Association of Chimmey           please contact the Association who will be
Sweeps).                                           happy to supply and fit at no cost.

What Are The Danger Signs?                         Important please note:
                                                   Your boiler should be free from items and
Gas flames that normally burn blue, burning        combustible materials at all times.
orange or yellow instead. Sooty stains on or
just above appliances. Coal or wood fires that
burn slowly or go out.

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