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Welfare Reform
Maintenance Advice
Stay Safe

If your smoke alarm starts to
‘beep’, you should replace the
battery as soon as possible,
there are no excuses.

                                                   Maintenance Advice

Smoke Alarms                                       Never paint over a smoke alarm.                      Whatever you do, NEVER disconnect or remove
                                                                                                        the battery or tape a cover over the smoke
Your smoke alarms are a vital protection from      Always remember to switch off your smoke             alarm to prevent unwanted alarm signals.
the danger of fire in your home. They provide      alarm first before changing your batteries.          Contact Rural Housing Association
an early warning of danger, giving your family     This can be done at your fuse box. Remember          to investigate.
precious time to get out of your home quickly.     to switch it back on at the fuse box or
                                                   consumer unit.                                       Warning: if your smoke alarm starts to ‘beep’,
Once an alarm is installed you should test                                                              you should replace the battery as soon as
and maintain it regularly to make sure it is       Once a year: Change the battery in the               possible, there are no excuses.
working properly.                                  alarm. Change the battery annually, even
                                                   if it is not emitting a low power warning.           REMEMBER GET OUT, STAY OUT AND GET
Many fire deaths and injuries happen each          Always use a high quality battery. Replace           THE FIRE BRIGADE OUT.
year because a battery was missing or needed       the battery according to the manufacturer’s
replacement. A simple maintenance plan will        recommendation. Keep the unit clean and dust
ensure that your smoke alarm continues to          free. Make sure the grilles are kept clear.
protect your family.
                                                   Unwanted Alarm Signals That Are
Mains powered units with battery back-ups:         A Nuisance

Once a week: test each alarm by pressing the       If an alarm goes off it is only doing its job!
test button and holding it until the
alarm sounds.                                      NEVER become complacent about smoke
                                                   alarm signals by thinking “it is just another false
Twice a year: Gently remove dust and dirt          alarm” ALWAYS react as though a fire alarm
from inside the casing and on the cover. Make      signal is genuine.
sure the grilles on the cover are not obstructed.
Carefully open the alarm case (if designed to do   False alarms can be triggered by summer
so) and gently vacuum the inside using the soft-   insects, small amounts of smoke from open
brush attachment, to remove dust from the          fires in the hearth, candle smoke, or by a
sensor chamber. If the alarm case doesn’t open,    build-up of dust and dirt as a result of
vacuum over the slots to suck out any dust.        poor maintenance.

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