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Welfare Reform
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Remember communication is the key to             Other Useful Links                                   Equality
easing benefit worries!
                                                 Get in touch with your local citizens advice         Rural Housing Association is committed to
                                                 bureau at or other         Equality and encourages a positive approach
                                                 local advice agencies.                               to this within the Association and within the
                                                                                                      communities in which we work. We have
We know that many residents will be worried      Advice NI                                            an agreed Equality Scheme which explains
about what this could mean for them and                                                               how the Association will implement its
their families. We are here to provide as        Advice NI is aimed at helping those most             Section 75 obligations and requirements
much support and advice, to make sure you’re     financially vulnerable in Northern Ireland. This     of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. This Act
prepared for these changes.                      organisation offer FREE, confidential and impartial  requires public authorities, in carrying out
                                                 advice services across NI.                           their functions relating to Northern Ireland,
Home Swapper Scheme                                                                                   to have due regard for the need to promote
                                                                                                      equality of opportunity between the
You can talk to Rural Housing Association                                                             following groups.
or the Northern Ireland Housing Executive
about transferring to a smaller home through a                                                        • Persons of different religious belief 		
transfer or a direct exchange.                                                                        • Political opinion
                                                                                                      • Racial group 				
Visit the Home Swapper website at                                                                     • Age to advertise a house                                                            • Marital status or sexual orientation		
exchange online.                                                                                      • Men and women generally
                                                                                                      • Persons with a disability and persons
If you require any further information, please   Freephone 0808 802 0020
do not hesitate to contact either Valerie or     Further Details can be found at:                       without
Emma on 028 8224 6118 who will be happy to                                     • Persons with dependants and persons
offer further advice and assistance.
                                                 Further information on the Government                  without
Homeswapper is free to Rural Housing             proposals and details of changes which have
Association tenants. Once you get registered     already been introduced can be found at              A Copy of the scheme is available on the
you can advertise your property on the website                                  Association’s website at
and view your matches to see if you can find                                                 if anyone requires
the property to want. If you find someone you    See the latest updates from the Department for       further information on our Equality Scheme
would like to swap with, please contact our      Communities about Welfare Reform at                  please contact
Senior Housing Officer – Mrs Valerie Pinkerton. or visit NI Direct

Other Help

Talk to Rural Housing Association or the
Northern Ireland Housing Executive about
where to apply for extra financial help.

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