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Paying Your Rent

We know money might be tight, but you need            By Post: Make your cheque payable to “Rural     Website:
to prioritise paying your rent. Don’t risk losing     Housing Association” and cross it “A/C Payee”.  Tenants are now able to pay their rent online.
your home because you’re missing
rent payments.                                                                                        If you are interested in using any of the
                                                                                                      facilities mentioned please contact Mrs Valerie
We can offer support to help you manage your                                                          Pinkerton or Mrs Martina Cranny for further
rent payments, even if you’re already in debt –                                                       advice.
but you need to talk to us. Talk to your housing
officer today.                                                                                        Useful Contact Numbers:
                                                                                                      Housing Executive – Housing Benefit Enquiries
Your rent is payable two weeks in advance. It         At Any Bank:                                    03448 920 900
is our aim to provide a range of flexible and         By setting up a Standing Order - Rural Housing  Rural Housing Association – Rent Enquiries
convenient ways for tenants to pay their rent.        Association can provide details of their Rent   028 8224 6118 – Option 2
                                                      Account upon request.
You can now pay your rent in any of the                                                               Dealing With Debt Problems
following ways:                                       Paying by Direct Debit:
                                                      Paying your rent straight to Rural Housing      If you are experiencing debt problems you may
Rent Swipe Card At Any Post Office                    Association is the simplest and easiest way to  wish to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.
                                                      pay your rent giving you the choice to select   The Citizens Advice service helps people
STEP 1: Keep your payment card in a safe place. When  when your payments are made.                    resolve their legal, money and other problems
you make a payment at a Post Office or Payzone                                                        by providing free, Independent and confidential
outlet you will need to take your card with you.                                                      advice, and by influencing policymakers.

STEP 2: Take your Payment Card, together with                                                         Remember we are here to help so if you would
your payment to any Post Office or Payzone                                                            like to arrange a home visit or speak over the
outlet and give them both to the cashier.                                                             phone, please contact Valerie or any of the other
                                                                                                      members of the housing team at the office.

STEP 3: The cashier will quickly process your
payment and give you back your card together
with a receipt. This receipt is your confirmation
of payment so please keep it safe as you will
need it if there is ever a query with your payment.

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