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Rural Housing Association Portal

If you haven’t already done so please sign         Type Of Services Accessed Via Rural
up for our website which has a self-service        Housing Association Website
portal where you can check your rent
statement and report or track repairs.             • General Information and Advice
                                                   • Information on Homes for Rent/How to Apply
Just click on the Member Login Button              • Housing Benefit
to log in.                                         • Complaints/Anti-Social Behaviour
                                                   • Log in to Your Repairs History
Our website has a self-service portal where you    • Log in to Your Rent Account
can check your rent statement and report or        • Access to Rural Housing Association Publications
track a repair.
                                                   Rural Housing Association Portal
Many of our tenants have now registered on our
internal portal, if you haven’t already and you    Having Difficulties logging in?
wish to register, you will need to use your name,
your date of birth and your Tenancy Reference      If you are having difficulties logging in or if you
number. You can find this on your rent statement.  cannot find your number, please e-mail
You will also need an e-mail address.     or contact our offices
                                                   on 028 8224 6118.

Thank you to all our tenants who have              We will continue to forward your quarterly rent      Pictured above Charlene Brown presenting
already signed up.                                 statement by post however this online service        prize to Mandy Hodgers, Mullanstown.
                                                   will allow you to view your rent and repairs
To encourage our tenants to sign up we ran a       accounts at times that are convenient to you.
competition and are pleased to announce that       It will be available to use 24 hours, seven days
our two winners are Mandy Hodgers from our         a week.
Mullanstown Scheme and Catherine McGrath
from our scheme in Cloncool. Both winners
received a £50 voucher.

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