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Welfare Reform
Maintenance Advice m
Stay Safe

If you want to speak to someone
about changes in benefits you
can phone the independant
welfare changes helpline for free
on 0808 802 0020 or contact
you local Citizens Advice office.

                                                  Benefits Are Changing!

Keeping Up With Welfare Reform                    It will replace the 6 current benefits and credits:  If you are of working age and have an existing
                                                                                                       indefinite award of DLA you will be contacted
Welfare Reform has already resulted in many       • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)           to be reassessed for PIP in December 2016 at
changes to the social security system in          • Income-related Employment and Support              the earliest. Not everyone who gets DLA will be
Northern Ireland.                                                                                      able to get PIP in the future, but if you lose your
                                                    Allowance (ESA)                                    award or are paid a lower amount of PIP, you
The following benefit changes are set to take     • Income Support                                     may be able to get a supplementary payment for
place in 2016/17, some may be subject to change   • Housing Benefit                                    a year to compensate you for your financial loss.
or approval.                                      • Working Tax Credit
                                                  • Child Tax Credit                                   DLA Will Remain For Children Up To The Age
We realise that the next few years are likely                                                          Of 16 And For Anyone Over The Age Of 65
to be very difficult for people with the          Universal Credit can be claimed online at
introduction of welfare reform. As promised, and will be introduced           You must have a health condition or disability
we will endeavour to keep you informed            during 2017.                                         for at least three months before you can apply
about what advice and support is available for                                                         for PIP and the condition or disability must be
tenants to help them manage their finances        It is designed to be paid once per calendar          expected to last for a further nine months.
in preparation for welfare reform. Many of        month but customers can opt to receive
the current benefits will cease to exist and      payments fortnightly. If you currently receive       New claims for PIP will be applicable from
new benefits and payment systems will be          Housing Benefit, the housing part of Universal       24th June 2016.
introduced.                                       Credit payment can be paid directly to us
                                                  provided you choose that option.
Introduction Of Universal Credit
                                                  Introduction Of Personal Independence
One of the key welfare changes will be the        Payment – Now Operational
introduction of Universal Credit.
                                                  Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will
Universal Credit is a new single benefit for      gradually replace Disability Living Allowance
working-age people. From 2017 it will gradually   (DLA) for people of working age with daily care
replace most means-tested benefits such as        needs or mobility issues. From 20th June 2016
income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, income-       if you make a fresh claim or report a change of
related Employment and Support Allowance,         circumstances you will be assessed for PIP.
Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.

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