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Chief Executives Report
                                                                                                                                                         Our Team

                                                                                                             Tenants Satisfaction Survey Results – Your Views
                                                                                                                                           Housing Management

                                                                                                             A Reminder Regarding The
                                                                                                             Erection Of Garden Sheds

Pictured above are Paul Fox, Charlene Brown, Sinead Collins & Cameron Watt who were welcoming visitors from     Please be advised that under your
Hastoe Housing Association where their head office is based in Kingston upon Thames in England.                 tenancy agreement all tenants are
                                                                                                                required to seek permission from the
Feedback From Housing Management                     Applications with 120+ Points     25%                      Association before a shed or structure
                                                     Applications with 70 -119 Points  28%                      can be installed at the properly.
Team                                                 Applications with 0 - 69 Points   26%
                                                     Transfers                         21%                      In certain circumstances, and when
It is the Association’s aim to provide the best                                                                 permission is requested by the Tenant,
possible Housing Management service to our           We endeavour to ensure that all new tenants                Rural Housing Association would permit
tenants’ and we are determined to continually        receive a visit from our staff within the first six        a small garden shed to be installed with
improve on our performance levels across the         weeks of their tenancy commencing to ensure                the following maximum sizes -
board. We will continue to strive to provide         that they have settled in and to ensure any                2.5m x 3.0m. Maximum Height 2.0m.
a first class customer focussed service and          support requirements are noted.                            Its location would be the rear garden,
value for money for our tenants. If you have                                                                    away from line of sight of communal
any suggestions on how we can improve our                                                                       driveways or entrances for other Tenants.
services please contact us by completing the
feedback slip on page 31.                                                                                    Permission To Undertake Any Alterations
                                                                                                             Or Improvements
Allocations                                          The Association always aims to re-let
                                                     properties as quickly as possible after the             Please note that if you wish to undertake
Housing Management plays an important role           previous resident moves out. Our overall                any alterations or improvements within
in ensuring that we provide a high quality           average re-let period was 22 Days that is,              your home you must seek permission from
service to all our customers. During the year        from the time of vacation of property to the            the Association. The Association cannot
Rural Housing had 53 lettings (General Needs         commencement of tenancy.                                unreasonably refuse you permission but may
Accommodation) including 6 new lets in areas                                                                 make certain conditions, for example that
such as Killyleagh, Ballycastle and Castlewellan.                                                            work is carried out to a proper standard.

Of the 53 lets there were 11 Transfer cases, either  Allocate Targets within 28 Days at year end
from the Housing Executive, our own Association
or other Housing Association, re-housed by Rural     1st April 2015 to  22 Days        Achieved
in 2015/16. The analyses of lettings by points for   31st March 2016
the year are presented as follows:

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