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Chief Executives Report
                                                                                                                                               Our Team

                                                                                                   Tenants Satisfaction Survey Results – Your Views
                                                                                                                                 Housing Management

Our Development team have been busy              Photo includes representatives from Rural Housing, NIHE, RCN, Supporting Communities and Citizens
and are currently working on new build           advice who all took part in recent housing event on Rathlin Island.
sites across Northern Ireland.

We were able to display our proposals for what   Development                                       Latent Demand Testing
we could do on a vacate site on Rathlin Island.
Photo above show primary school children         Rural Housing Association also secured its        Rural Housing is actively involved with Latent
checking out our work.                           place back in the Social Housing Development      Demand Testing alongside the Northern Ireland
Photo above Paul Fox discussing Rural Housing    Programme (SHDP) and we are delighted to be       Housing Executive. This is the process whereby
proposals for Rathlin Island.                    working again to provide affordable homes         surveys and tests are carried out in areas in
                                                 in Rural Areas and helping to maintain and        order to identify hidden demand for social
                                                 regenerate rural communities.                     housing. These tests can potentially identify
                                                                                                   interest for other housing options such as co
                                                 Our Development team have been busy and           ownership or affordable homes.
                                                 are currently working on new build sites across
                                                 Northern Ireland.                                 Rural Housing recently took part in
                                                                                                   multi-agency latent demand testing event on
                                                 Photos included on page 11 have been taken from   Rathlin Island to help identify the housing
                                                 the Public Consultation night held in Poyntzpass  needs on the Island.
                                                 to display Rural Housing proposed mixed tenure
                                                 schemes of 9 homes including social housing and   If you have a potential development
                                                 affordable homes. Rural Housing have worked       opportunity please contact Paul Fox on
                                                 closely with the local community of Poyntzpass    028 8224 6118 or email
                                                 in order to establish what the housing need is    or if you are interested in applying for
                                                 and how best to meet it.                          any of these new sites please contact
                                                                                                   Valerie Pinkerton on 028 8224 6118 or email
                                                 The Association currently has 62 new build
                                                 properties approved and supported by the
                                                 Housing Executive located across Northern
                                                 Ireland in areas such as Killyleagh, Dunadry,
                                                 Sion Mills and Coalisland and we are working
                                                 on several other locations in order to increase
                                                 social housing in rural areas.

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