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Final Report
Rural Housing Association Ltd
September 2016


The Team found the following that it would deem to be Best Practice.


Managing Risks
The Association’s risk register has a section at the back of the register where

the Association does a comparison of the Inherent Risk, Residual Risk and
Risk Appetite of the Association’s risk. The Team would deem this an example

of best practice.


Improved communications with Tenants – on line access to rent
statements and repair history

The Association has established an on-line facility which enables tenants to not
only to view their rent statement but also to make rent payment on line as well.

The on-line facility also enables the tenant to check their recent repair history

and to provide instant feedback on each individual repair they have ordered.

Dedicated Arrears Advisory Service

Again in the area of ‘Rent Management’, another example of Best Practice is

that the Association has a dedicated Housing Officer who provides advice to
tenants on rent arrears management through early intervention with an

emphasis on personal contact with the tenants. This Officer has completed a
Certificate of Diploma Education in Debt Counselling which was undertaken

over a year through Oxford College. This course addresses the processes of
debt spiral and particular issues such as pay day loans, credit card and


The Association has 436 properties geographically spread across Northern

Ireland; in fact many tenants live in remote rural areas where there is limited
advisory services and poor internet access. In the last year the Association has

provided advice to many of their tenants and has undertaken one to one
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