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Final Report
Rural Housing Association Ltd
September 2016

current development activities concerning Existing Satisfactory Purchase’s, an

approach that includes control measures to assist the Association mitigating
against unnecessary risks. The Team, having examined and assessed the

Association’s development activities, is of the opinion that Property

Development grading is Satisfactory Assurance. The Association has
indicated that it would wish to expand its involvement in property development.

Whilst the Inspection Team would support such an objective, the Association
would need to discuss and agree any arrangements with the Development

Programme Group (DPG) in advance.

Property Management - The inspection confirmed that the Association is

adopting a responsible approach to managing and maintaining its housing
stock, with appropriate control measures in place to assist the Association

mitigating against unnecessary risks. The Team is off the opinion that a
grading of Substantial Assurance is applicable.

Housing Management - The Association has introduced a number of tenant

focussed measures to improve communication pathways and to put the

tenants to the forefront of the business. These measures include providing its
customers with online access to their rent and repairs history and the creation

of a dedicated arrears advisory post. In addition, since the last inspection the
Association has recruited a Tenant Board Member and appointed six Tenant

Champions to further underpin its commitment to tenant engagement.
Therefore the Team is of the opinion that an overall grading of Substantial

Assurance is appropriate.

Corporate Governance – the assessment of Corporate Governance has been

based on the totality of governance arrangements in place across all the areas
inspected. The inspection has confirmed that the Association has well

developed governance arrangements which are clearly communicated across

the entire organisation. These clearly establish the relationships between the
Board, Sub-Committees, Management and staff. Risk Management
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