Page 31 - rural-final-inspection-report-september-2016
P. 31

Rep Recommendation Priority Accepted/ Implementation
Ref Rejected Date
2.3 Budgets
It is recommended that:
a) The Association includes in its budget a comparison to the prior year budget and actual M Accepted
performance in prior period to enable a greater understanding of the current budget.
b) Assumptions are included in the long term forecasts to enable management and Board September 2016
to adequately scrutinise the figures. M Accepted

c) All expenditure is adequately profiled in the forecasts to reflect anticipated timing M Accepted

2.4 Treasury Management
It is recommended that the Association should revise its reporting of bank covenants to
the Board to ensure it is calculating these in line with bank loan covenants. H Accepted Implemented
February 2016
3.3 Development Status
It is recommended that the Association contacts the Development Programme Group

(DPG) at the earliest opportunity in order to: H Accepted August 2016
- Agree the conditions for further development activity, including utilising external

expertise, and
- To identify suitable schemes which could be progressed by the Association;

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