Page 29 - rural-final-inspection-report-september-2016
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7. The Way Forward

7.1 The inspection has identified recommendations within Sections 2 to 6

of this report and the Association has provided a response to these.

7.2 A Schedule of Recommendations has been included at Appendix 2
which shows implementation dates for the recommendations contained

in this report.

7.3 As the Association has received an overall rating of Satisfactory
Assurance in this report no further action will be required by the

Department. The Association will be rescheduled into the next round

of inspections and should continue to maintain the momentum of
ensuring that the implementation of all recommendations is actively


7.4 This report will be published in full on the Department for Communities
website. A copy will also be issued to Northern Ireland Audit Office and

the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

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