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The Association is constantly endeavouring to refresh the Board and

recruit new Members ensuring that it is only persons with the required
skill set that will be recruited onto the Board. At the time of the

inspection the Association was at the minimum of the Departments
standard of seven board members. Since the inspection the

Association has recruited a further new board member. As part of the

inspection the Team also spoke to a couple of board members and are
assured that they are fully focussed on and committed to the direction

that the Association should take.

Therefore having examined the business setting process of the

organisation and having taken assurance that appropriate risk
management and controls are in place, the Team is of the opinion that

a grading of Substantial Assurance is appropriate. The Team has
made one recommendation that is viewed as an enhancement which if

implemented it would enhance the performance of the Association.


6.3 Board / Sub-committees

The Association’s Board meets ten times a year and the Association’s
Sub-committees meet three or four times a year depending on the rota.

The Team would question the rationale for this as they believe that a
sub-committee function is to lessen the number of times a Board is

required to meet and would question the timing and frequency of

meetings. For example the Board of Management could consider the
requirement for having sub-committees if all business is discussed at

Board Meetings. Therefore it is recommended that the Association

should revisit the frequency and purpose of sub-committees and board

Management Response

Accepted. Implemented June 2016

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