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6. Corporate Governance

6.1 Objective

To ensure that the Association is governed by an effective Board that is
operating a framework which effectively identifies and manages risk

and operates according to statute, regulation and constitutions.

6.2 Opinion

The scope of the Corporate Governance inspection encompassed a
high level review of the strategic and business planning process of the

Association. The Association has a virtual boardroom, where Board
Members have ipads and access to “SharePoint”. The Association

uses Microsoft SharePoint 365 as a basis for its cloud based internal
digital communication systems. This is donated free by Microsoft

under a charity licence; all the systems have been developed inhouse

and provide staff and board with a secure focal point for their business
with access anywhere. The range of internal systems developed

include a full Board extranet for meeting papers and policies, while an

response maintenance module provides systems for monitoring,
recording and reporting on maintenance. The system is also used for

the reporting and performance monitoring of e.g. complaints, recharges
and relets to the Senior Management Team, Committees and Board as

required. .

The Team saw evidence that the Senior Management Team and Board

Members are actively involved in the review of setting and monitoring
of the Corporate Strategy and Business Plan. The Association has a

“Governance Procedures” policy which contains a flowchart detailing
the responsibilities of the Board and Sub-Committees. The document

also has very useful appendices that outline key milestones that need
to be achieved on a monthly basis and a flow chart detailing who is

responsible for each of the areas of the Association’s business. This is

a very useful reference document and the table includes not only key
milestones for Board but milestones for the Sub-committees as well.

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