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5. Housing Management

5.1 Objective
To examine the approach taken by the Association into the services it

provides to its tenants and to ensure that it seeks to be responsive to
the needs and views of its residents.

5.2 Opinion
In the area of Housing Management, the Team is of the opinion that the

Association provides an excellent customer service to its tenants. As
the name suggests the Association provides general needs housing in

rural areas, therefore the Association has had many challenges in
gaining tenant involvement. Since the last inspection the Association

has recruited a Tenant Board Member and six Tenant Champions, who

will receive training from Supporting Communities (NI) in the near
future. The Association also has a number of good practices in regards

to Housing Management and these are highlighted in the report. These

good practices include:
 On line rental statements

 On line repair system

 Dedicated Rent Arrears Adviser.

The Association carries out an annual tenant satisfaction survey by
post. Out of the 430 tenants receiving the survey 194 tenants

responded, this represents a good return of 45%. The Association
benchmarks the results against the previous year’s result. From the

information seen the results are improving year on year, yet the

Association is continuing to look at ways how they can improve the
service they provide to tenants. For example tenants were asked

about ease of access to staff, (the results from the survey showed that
84% of tenants were satisfied with how easy it was to access the

appropriate staff), however the Association took on board the

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