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Performance Indicators’, planned and external maintenance schemes,

adaptations and any associated risks.

The Team saw evidence that the Key Performance Indicator’s are

exceeding their own set targets, however the performance/monitoring
of the Association’s statutory obligations (gas and oil boiler servicing,

electrical testing), are not reported to the Board of Management or
Technical Committee).

The Association has a Disabled Adaptations policy, which sets out the

procedures, standards and performance targets, etc for the
management and delivery of disabled adaptations to comply with

Department’s Housing Association Guide. However, a review of

evidence revealed that although works progress on adaptations are
presented to Board of Management, there is no measurement/key

performance indicators that records the actual turnaround times for

Therefore it is recommended that the Association

a) Report on its statutory obligations to the Board of Management as

a standing agenda item and
b) Records and submits the specific turnaround times on disabled

adaptations to the Board of Management at regular intervals.

Management Response


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