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that the Association will undertake to ensure that its housing stock

meets the needs and standards required now and in the future. The
Association anticipates spending £1.1m in the short-term on multi-

element improvements.

The Asset Management Strategy also contains statements in relation to

the Association’s approach to certain key property management
activities including Asbestos, Legionella, Gas Safety, Fire Safety,

Response Maintenance, Planned Maintenance, Void Management,
Procurement and Sustainability & Energy efficiency.

However the Asset Management Strategy does not include details of
the following:

 Predicated expenditure on Planned Maintenance, Response
Maintenance or External Cyclical Maintenance in the medium to long


 A section detailing its obligations for the servicing of oil boilers

It is recommended that the Asset Management Strategy includes the

a) Predicted medium to long term expenditure on Planned, Cyclical

and Response Maintenance beyond the stated period of the

current Asset Management Strategy.
b) Approach to the servicing of oil boilers.

Management Response


4.4 Maintenance/Inspections/reports
A Board / Sub–committee paper is presented to the Technical

Committee and Board. These papers include updates on Key

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