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 Accurate planned maintenance programmes/budgets.

 Policies and procedures relating to property management.
 Regular reporting on the performance of Property Management (PM)

activities to the Senior Management Team (SMT), Technical

committee (TC) and Board of Management (BOM).
 An Internal Audit programme (approved by the Board of

Management in September 2015), including the appointment of an

Internal Auditor, to examine key property management activities
 Engaging in procurement activities compliant with Department for

Communities procurement requirements and Northern Ireland public
procurement policy.

Therefore having examined and assessed the Association’s overall
approach to the management of its Property Management functions,

specifically the extension to its Measured Term Contract response
maintenance contract, the appointment of an Internal Auditor and the

Association’s implementations of the recommendations from the

previous Property Management report. The Team is of the opinion that
a grading of ‘Substantial Assurance’ is applicable.


4.3 Asset Management Strategy (AMS) 2015-2020
The Association previously had an Asset Management Strategy from

2013-2018,however following the previous Property Management
inspection, a review was undertaken and as a result a new Asset

Management Strategy covering the period 2015-2020 was published
and approved by the Board of Management in February 2015.

The Asset Management Strategy sets out how the Association intends
to manage its stock and the principles that underpin the services that

the Association provides. The strategy outlines the range of activities

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