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Property Management

4.1 Objective
To examine the approach taken by the Association in relation to the

management and maintenance of its existing stock and assess the
controls used to manage risk, its performance in meeting key targets

and the procedures adopted in relation to procurement.

4.2 Opinion

The evidence from this inspection indicates that the Association is
adopting a responsible approach to managing and maintaining its

housing stock, which includes control measures to assist the
Association mitigating against unnecessary risks. Such control

measures include:

 A Corporate plan that covers the period 2014-2017 that sets out a
clear vision and direction of the Association.

 An Asset Management Strategy (AMS) which establishes the basis

for the delivery of its property management function. The Asset
Management Strategy draws together the elements of property

management such as legislative/statutory obligations, developing
maintenance programs, and a brief description of current stock.

 Effective decision making by the Board of Management to ensure

tenant service delivery, a good example of this was when the Board
approved a single tender action (STA) for the extension of its current

Measured Term Contract (MTC) contract to ensure continuity of
service to tenants. This enables the Association to meets its

statutory obligations.

 Effective procurement by participating in a procurement consortium
(HA5) to acquire, in the first instance, a new Measured Term

Contract response maintenance contract, followed by a new round of

Stock condition surveys and in the longer term a frame work for the
appointment of consultants.

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