Page 20 - rural-final-inspection-report-september-2016
P. 20
Satisfactory Purchases do not proceed, includes lack of support from

the NIHE, the vendor has sold the property privately or refused the
valuation, or the building survey highlighted works exceeding the ESP


It is recommended that the Association incorporate formally, within

their development process an abortive budget limit.

Management Response

Accepted. Implemented February 2016 and included in 2016/17


3.6 Scheme Delivery

At the time of inspection, contract management of ESP’s is provided by

consultants and delivered by contractors. (Contractors appointed under
a current Apex Framework). Following discussions with the Property

Procurement Manager it was noted that the Consultant framework had
expired in October 2015. In the interim, the Association intends to

procure consultants on a scheme-by-scheme basis, which would

include any specialist surveys. Such surveys would include Asbestos,
Ecology, Flood risk, and planning. It is understood that as part of a

partnership with 4 other Associations (known as HA5) they will be able
to procure a new framework.

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