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has staff with the appropriate skills and experience to take advantage

of other developmental opportunities. However before moving forward
in that direction it is recommended that:

The Association contacts the Development Programme Group (DPG)
at the earliest opportunity in order to:

- Agree the conditions for further development activity, including

utilising external expertise, and
- To identify suitable schemes which could be progressed by the


Management Response


3.4 Valuation

The Association has used the same Valuer for over ten years and
whilst the Team noted the rationale for doing this as the Association’s

stock is in remote areas and so dispersed, the Team is of the opinion

that the Association should test the market to ensure that it is getting
the best value for money.

It is recommended that the Association market-test the current

valuation service to determine if the Association is getting value for

Management Response


3.5 Aborted Costs

Following discussions with the Association the Team noted that the

Association does not have a specific budget or financial limit
concerning schemes that are aborted. The main reasons that Existing

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