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3 Property Development

3.1 Objective

To examine the approach taken by the Association in relation to project
management, its performance in meeting key targets, the procedures

adopted in relation to procurement and contract management.

3.2 Opinion

In May 2014 the Association’s development status was reinstated with
the proviso that the Association use a Development Agent. Since that

time the Association has acquired a limited number of Existing
Satisfactory Purchases (ESP’S). The Association has processed these

in house with the approval of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive

(NIHE) Development Programme group.

The evidence from this inspection indicates that the Association is
adopting a cautious but reasonable approach to its current

development activities concerning Existing Satisfactory Purchase’s, an
approach that includes control measures to assist the Association

mitigating against unnecessary risks. Such positive control measures


 A Corporate plan (2014-2017) and Business plan (2015/16) that

sets out the Associations aims and objectives for its
development activities

 Regular reporting & monitoring of ongoing property development
activity by the Development team, Development Committee and

the Board of Management (BOM).

 Oversight/High level approach and challenge role by the Board
of Management for example querying the role of a development

agent and issues with receiving support from NIHE areas

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