Page 12 - rural-final-inspection-report-september-2016
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controls used to manage risk, its performance in meeting key targets

and the procedures adopted in relation to procurement.

Housing Management
To examine the approach taken by the Association into the services it

provides to its tenants and to ensure that it seeks to be responsive to

the needs and views of its residents.

Corporate Governance
To ensure that the Association is governed by an effective Board that is

operating a framework which effectively identifies and manages risk

and operates according to statute, regulation and constitutions.

The Association has continued to make significant progress in

addressing all of the previous recommendations resulting in three of
the five areas being awarded substantial assurance ratings with the

remaining two areas receiving satisfactory assurances. In addition, the

recommendations which have been made in this report are in the main
aimed at enhancing the Association’s performance/ level of control

rather than reflecting any serious failings. As a result the Team
consider that an overall assurance of Substantial is appropriate for this



Sections 2, 3, 4, and 5 of this report contain details of the Teams
findings and opinions about systems in place, and provide

recommendations where the Team believes opportunities exist for

further improvement. Each recommendation has been allocated a
paragraph reference and title. A space has been provided below each

recommendation for management comments which will be considered
and printed in the Final Report.

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