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The Department for Communities (DfC) Housing Group’s, Regulation

and Inspection Team, hereinafter referred to as the Team, is a
dedicated Inspection body situated within the Department’s

Community, Regeneration & Housing Group. As the regulator,

Housing’s Performance Governance and Accountability Division is
required to exercise supervision and control over Registered Housing

Associations (Article 4 (1) (c) of the Housing (N.I.) Order, 1992).

The Team is responsible for providing the Department and the
Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO) with assurance on the probity,

regularity and integrity of expenditure in the operation and

administration of Registered Housing Associations, hereinafter referred
to as Associations. The Team reports on how well associations are

meeting the regulatory requirements of the Housing Association Guide,

legislative and professional requirements and the needs of service
users. A 2015/16 inspection of Rural Housing Association Ltd was

carried out during December 2015 and January 2016.

Rural Housing Association was registered as Industrial & Provident

organisation on 02/03/1992 and became a registered housing

association on 19/03/1992. The philosophy of Rural Housing
Association is specifically dedicated to the provision of rural housing

and was the vehicle for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to
implement their rural strategy, “The Way Ahead”. The Association has

approximately 431 stock most of which is self contained units for
general needs housing and is scattered across all six counties in

Northern Ireland.

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