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At Rural Housing Association we try to provide the best possible service, but we
don’t always get it right. When this happens we want to know about it. You have
every right to complain to us if you are unhappy with our service.
Rural Housing Association was registered with the Department for Social
Development in March 1992 and is required to comply with the requirements of
the Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 1992. The Association is required to
operate within stringent guidelines specified by the Department of Social
Development and to provide a quality housing service to its tenants and the
general public.
The Association is governed by a Board of Management who is responsible for
making the strategic decisions affecting the Association's Business. The day-to-
day management of the association’s affairs is the direct responsibility of the
Chief Executive who reports to the Board of Management on a regular basis.
The Board of Management recognises that on occasions a tenant or member of
the general public may have reason to make a complaint against a decision or
action taken by the association or member of staff. As a consequence the
Complaints Procedure detailed herein has been drafted and approved by the
Board of Management to assist those wishing to make a complaint against the
Association to have their case dealt with as quickly and efficiently as practically
All complaints will be registered, logged and monitored. Details of the volume of
complaints received will be reported annually in our Tenant Newsletter and our
Annual Report. All complaints will be dealt with promptly and in a professional
manner by our staff. Complaints relating to nuisance or harassment by
neighbours will be dealt with separately under the Associations Anti-Social
Behaviour Policy
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