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Introduction and Mission Statement
Executive Summary
What We Plan To Do
The Strategic and Operational Process
SWOT analysis

3 What We Plan To Do

Organisational Strength Communications
• Assess our Committee structures in order to streamline business • Deliver effective communication to our external stakeholders through
• Continue to process map and improve our customer service and our Communication strategy and 2016-2017 action plan
business management processes. • Deliver a Value for Money statement at year end based on our Value for
• Assess Board and Staffing Needs and numbers and market Board Money Strategy
vacancies throughout the year • Continue to review and further enhance the Association’s extranet for
• To implement the performance management system for Board Board members
members • Continue to improve our knowledge and communication with customers
• Maintain strong governance and effective management through customer profiling
• Review our Human Resources Strategy • Regularly review and update the structure and content of the new
• Implement an Information Communication Technology Strategy RHA website
(ICT) for the next 5 years • Promote the benefits of membership of the RHA website.
• Explore the introduction of tenant champions throughout our schemes

Develop good quality homes to meet people’s needs and preferences Maintain the Association’s Housing Stock through reactive and planned
now and in the future maintenance
• Plan to resume an in-house new build programme in a phased manner • Provide Business Case to consider employment of Maintenance Operative
using one scheme as a pilot to provide assurance to the Department • Deliver on our asset management strategy with planned stock investment
For Communities and the Association’s Board of Management and maintenance programmes and invest over £500,000 in our properties,
(subject to DFC agreement) improving the quality of life and environment for our tenants
• Develop opportunities with partners for provision of mixed tenure • Investigate opportunities and grants for retrofitting renewable energy
housing in rural sites throughout Northern Ireland options to current stock
• Deliver social housing in rural areas of low levels of demand through • Implement the new Measured Term Maintenance contract
Existing Satisfactory Purchases
• Provide attractive, local, new build through use of our Rural Design Guide
• Be at the forefront of housing provision in rural areas with limited
planning opportunities
• Through local and statutory links identify and highlight rural areas
where latent demand testing is required and provide focus and
leadership in driving that testing forward
• Prepare the Association as a key provider of sustainable well
designed, appropriate rural social housing utilising the specific detail
within the Rural Design Brief
Long term viability of the business. Control of expenditure, To ensure the Association operates legally within its remit and policies and
maximisation of income, and effective risk management is headed by an effective Board
• Update cash flow for capital and revenue forecasting in line with • Continue to review and operate the Association’s governance procedures
the planned maintenance strategy and incorporate this into a 30-year and review the effectiveness of changes of Board structures
cash flow • Continue to review and update the Corporate Risk Register and the
• Continue to build relationships with our major funders and explore Business Continuity Plan for the Association
additional sources of private finance, and work to secure competitive • Undertake regular reviews of Board member skills and experience and
borrowing in the context of the prevailing financial climate Board effectiveness through the newly approved Board appraisal system
• Complete the tendering process for Legal services to the Association
• Produce yearly operational Business Plan with measurable and
deliverable targets
• Produce a Corporate Strategy every 3 years

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