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Introduction and Mission Statement
Executive Summary
What We Plan To Do
The Strategic and Operational Process
SWOT analysis

2 Executive Summary

The purpose of this plan is to set out the During 2016 / 17 we aim to: • Provide a framework for the provision of
Rural Housing Association’s objectives for the • Spend over £1/2 million in our homes through long-term, appropriate and sustainable social
financial year 2016/17 and to indicate some external cyclical painting works, appliance housing in rural areas through the promotion
of the priorities for the following two years. and response maintenance to our properties and use of our Rural Design Guide
The plan is primarily an internal document for throughout Northern Ireland. • Continue to show our uniqueness by
the benefit of the Board of Management and • Invest around £220,000 in capital works to implementation of further opportunities
staff. The plan has been developed with the improve existing properties. and enhancements to our business to help
involvement of these key stakeholders and the • Spend over £100,000 in the provision position Rural Housing Association as a key
individual departments who will help achieve of adaptation and disability works to our stakeholder in rural matters through our work
these objectives and continues to reflect properties. with likeminded organisations.
the commitments made in the 2014 - 2017 • Further enhance our collaboration with other • Invest in our staff to promote excellence,
Corporate Strategy. like-minded Housing Associations and play an achieve efficiency and develop new skills in
active part in the HA5 Group. line with our Human Resources Strategy.
The Association has also taken into • Continue to review our Governance structures • Continue to provide high quality housing
consideration feedback from its tenants, to ensure they reflect the requirements of the management services that are sensitive to the
discussions with the Department for Department for Communities and The Charity needs of our tenants and rural communities
Communities during the year and from its Commission for Northern Ireland and provide opportunities for our tenants’
inspection in early 2016, and feedback from • Work to deliver new homes in rural Northern participation.
the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE), Ireland with a target of 30 new homes in • Provide practical advice and information
the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing 2016/17. The Association will review its to tenants on their options regarding the
Associations (NIFHA) and other Housing corporate strategy shortly for 2017 to 2020 implications of welfare reform and implement
Associations. The Association takes the views and it is within that document that plans for new internal and external procedures to deal
of its tenants very seriously. The Business Plan year 2 and 3 will reside. with the practicalities of welfare reform in a
considers our internal drivers and identifies • Deliver an in-house pilot development way that is sensitive to our tenant’s needs.
the opportunities and threats presented by the scheme to provide assurance to our Board and • Ensure all key risks to the business are
external environment. It will also act as a yard Department for Communities. identified, monitored and managed effectively.
stick for measuring our performance during the • Continue to encourage the involvement • Be a well governed Association.
incoming year. of our customers in striving and planning for
continual improvement in our services and In order to reach our objectives we set
Our main focus is to provide, manage, and encouraging tenant participation at a local measurable targets for the year ahead. These
maintain quality social housing accommodation and Board level to ensure we provide the best are deliberately based on all key financial
at affordable rents for rural people in rural possible Housing Management service. and performance measures. Progress against
settings across NI. • Financially position ourselves soundly with a these targets are reported regularly at Senior
projected surplus of £450,572 for the end Management Team meetings and monthly at
of the financial year. We have set budgets Board level by the Chief Executive.
to achieve this surplus, and have built in
contingencies to our cash flows to ensure our
financial viability throughout the year and the
medium to long-term while meeting all our
financial loan covenants

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