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Introduction and Mission Statement
Executive Summary
What We Plan To Do
The Strategic and Operational Process
SWOT analysis

1 Introduction and Mission Statement

Rural Housing Association was established in development programme for 2016/17 continues
1992 to provide “A supply of readily available to be modest in line with the corporate strategy,
and affordable accommodation for rural ensuring we do not lose sight of our primary
A supply of readily available people in rural areas with a view to helping objectives of providing affordable, attractive,
homes for those who need them, we are already
maintain and regenerate rural communities”.
and affordable accommodation looking forward to our development programme
for rural people in rural The Association works throughout Northern for the next three years and provision for
Ireland and has a particular interest in working in
expansion of that within the new three-year
areas with a view to helping what are considered to be disadvantaged rural corporate strategy for 2017-2020.
maintain and regenerate rural areas. The Association’s housing stock of 437 It is a core belief of the Association that
dwellings at 31 March 2016 was located across
communities. 8 of the 11 new Super Councils; our average the housing requirements of small rural
scheme size is just under seven dwellings. communities are best identified, understood
and solved through close co-operation with
Our new Business Plan for 2016/17 will outline local community development groups. To this
our Association’s focus for the next 12 months. end the Association works closely with all local
The initial source of the business plan comes communities in assessing needs and delivering
from our three-year Corporate Strategy appropriate housing solutions in what is,
which was launched in April 2014 to provide a predominantly, a very specialised rural market.
roadmap for the Association until 2017. It will also continue to work in partnership with
statutory agencies such as the Northern Ireland
Our current corporate strategy is based upon Housing Executive in identifying housing need,
the Association’s aspirations for the three-year being at the centre of latent demand testing
period which reflect and build on the changes and identifying suitable sites in rural areas.
within the company over the last few years.
Sound financial management remains crucial
Change has been at the forefront of the across all the operations of Rural Housing. In
Association over the last few years both in this respect this plan demonstrates how the
terms of personnel and systems. Our Corporate Association’s viability will be maintained by
Strategy recognises the need to consolidate the creation of surpluses, and the achievement
and embed these changes by “Being Fit for of key financial ratios and covenants through
Purpose” and continuing to improve “Service the next few years while continuing to reflect
Standards” while continuing to provide affordability.
“Sustainable Business Growth”.
The Association is governed by Non-Executive
2014 saw the Association re-join the Social Directors from a range of backgrounds
Housing Development Programme. While including finance, education, not for profit
consolidation on governance and core sector, regeneration, housing public sector
functions has been given a priority since then, administration, and rural development. We
the Association has also proceeded with are also proud to have one of our tenants on
its development plans as agreed under the the Board of Management playing a proactive,
business plan for 14/15 and 15/16. full part on behalf of all the tenants. The main
Board of Management is supported by three
As our business and systems have matured, committees which are: Audit, Technical and
this year’s Business Plan can now prioritise Finance and General Purposes.
the provision of a sustainable development
programme for the future. Although our

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