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Financial Profile
Risk management
Corporate Improvement Objectives and monitoring
Summary of Key Targets

A1 Appendix 1 -Rural Housing Staff

Board of

Technical Audit Financial and General
Committee Committee Purposes Committee

Chief Executive
Stephen Fisher

Property and Housing and
Finance Manager
Procurement Manager Operations Manager Elaine McGonigle
Paul Fox Martina Cranny
Senior Housing
Technical Officer Technical Officer Valerie Pinkerton Finance Officer
Clare Coulter Darren McGowan
(Development) (Maintenance) Carmel Neill

Technical Admin
Daniel McCabe

Housing Admin Housing Admin
Receptionist Emma Duddy Paula Rooney
Leanne McDaid


Board Technical Committee
Neville Armstrong (Chair) Michael Herron
Rory O’Brien (Secretary) Alistair McKane
Alistair McKane (Vice Chair) Rory O’Brien
Michael Herron (Treasurer)
Carol Follis
Shirley McNulty SMT
Ciaran McKenna Stephen Fisher (CEO)
Andrea Gallagher Elaine McGonigle (Finance Manager)
Martina Cranny (Housing amd Operations Manager)
Aduit Committee Paul Fox (Property and Procurement Manager)
Carol Follis
Rory O’Brien
Shirley McNulty

Finance and General Purposes
Ciaran McKenna
Alistair McKane
Rory O’Brien

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