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Current and Proposed Activities
Financial Profile
Risk management
Corporate Improvement Objectives and monitoring
Summary of Key Targets

9 Corporate Improvement Objectives and Monitoring

Strategic Theme: Fit for Purpose

Priority Work Stream Outcome Target
Fit for Purpose Develop highly trained staff as detailed in our Human Happy, effective staff with low turnover Qtr4 Yr1
Resources Strategy
Implement an IT Strategy for the next five years Ensure the Association keeps up with changing IT and Qtr4 Yr1
management systems
Review and refresh the Association’s Governance structures Provide assurance to stakeholders Qtr3 Yr1
Review the Association Risk Strategy and Corporate Risk Ensure compliance and management of risk Qtr1, 2, 3,
Register 4 Yr1
Continue to renew the Board of Management through a Ensure compliance and regeneration of Board Qtr1 Yr1
renewal programme in accordance with the 9 year rule
Complete tendering of legal services for conveyancing Provide effective and efficient services to ensure no Qtr4 Yr1
and property matters delays in Development plans
Provide in-house and external training for Board Members Ensure effective and informed Board Qtr3 Yr1
led by an annual skills analysis
Implement the Board Member Appraisal policy and carry out Ensure effective and informed Board Qtr1 Yr1
an annual appraisal of Board Members to identify governance
and performance issues
Publish a Value for Money Statement showing the Articulate the Association’s approach to making Qtr4 Yr1
Association’s achievements for the year decisions about how its resources are used to deliver
objectives in line with its value for money strategy
Produce yearly operational Business Plan Identify and measure work targets Yr 1, 2, 3
Qtr 4
Produce Corporate plan every 3 years Provide direction and effective strategic leadership Yr 3 Qtr 4
Deal effectively with the Department for Communities Ownership and effective responses with clear Yr 1, 2, 3
inspection regime improvement plans and regular Board updates.
Deal effectively with internal and external audits Ownership and effective responses with clear Yr 1, 2, 3
improvement plans and regular Board updates
Continue assess and implement changes to reflect New processes and procedures to reflect the changes to Yr 1, 2, 3
new Department for Communities guidance the Department for Communities Inspection regime

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