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Current and Proposed Activities
Financial Profile
Risk management
Corporate Improvement Objectives and monitoring
Summary of Key Targets

9 Corporate Improvement Objectives and Monitoring

Strategic Theme: Sustainable Business Growth

Priority Work Stream Outcome Timeline
Sustainable Resume a new build programme in a phased manner 30 units in year 1, (mixture of new build and ESP). Year 2 will Qtr4 Yr1
Business Growth be decided as part of the next 3-year corporate strategy
Develop opportunities for provision of mixed tenure housing Provide alternatives for potential customers by building Yr1 Yr2
relationship with co-ownership, funders and other
external agencies
Provide attractive, local, new build through use of our Rural Provide framework and guidance for future developments Yr1 Qtr4
Design Guide and deliver well designed schemes with likeminded partners
Be at the forefront of housing provision in rural areas with Investigate and bring forward to SHDP at least 1 scheme Qtr4 Yr1
limited planning opportunities per year in areas of limited planning
Through local links identify and highlight rural areas where Investigate and bring forward at least one scheme for latent Qtr3 Yr1
latent demand testing is required demand testing in conjunction with the NIHE Rural Section
Promote uptake of tenants Direct Debit for payment of rent Financial Viability. Ensure at least 50% of all SO cases are Qtr3 Yr1
moved to DD
Promote payment of rents online through our new website Financial Viability Yr 1 Qtr 4
Continue to advise and update stakeholders on the changes Financial Viability Qtr4 Yr1
within welfare reform
Build up our relationship with external funders and lenders To ensure full compliance to our development goals Qtr2 Yr1
Through ongoing stock condition surveys continue to develop Protection of assets Qtr4 Yr1
detailed profiling of our properties and their components
Invest £530,000 in planned and response maintenance Protection of assets Qtr4 Yr1
including component replacement, external painting and
annual servicing

15 : Business plan 2016/17 : rural housing association
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