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Current and Proposed Activities
Financial Profile
Risk management
Corporate Improvement Objectives and monitoring
Summary of Key Targets

9 Corporate Improvement Objectives and Monitoring

Strategic Theme: Improve Service Standards and Performance

Work Stream Outcome Measurement Target
of Success
Improve Continue to process map and improve our customer service Provide efficient and effective frontline services to Qtr4 Yr1
Service and business management processes. tenants
Standards Publication of six monthly tenant newsletter Communicate effectively with tenants Qtr3 Yr1
Performance Deliver effective communication to our external stakeholders Communicate effectively internally and externally Qtr1 Yr1
through our Communication strategy and 2015/16 action plan
Improve our knowledge and communication with customers Ensure we align our services with those issues Qtr3 Yr1
through ongoing customer profiling expressed by our tenants
Provide assistance to set up an area panel and small local Commit to tenant participation and ensure tenant Qtr4Yr1
tenant groups involvement
Facilitate and support the introduction of tenant champions Develop opportunities to allow tenants to participate Qtr4 Yr1
throughout our Housing schemes in the decision making process of service delivery
Provide accredited training to all Association staff on Tenant Embed the ethos of tenant participation throughout Qtr1 Yr1
Participation the organisation
Promote the benefits of membership of the RHA website Effective interaction with tenants and provision of Qtr2 Yr1
extra means of payment
Promote the benefits of our Tenant Board Member to all our Develop opportunities to allow tenants participate in the Qtr4 Yr1
customers decision and policy making process of service delivery
Continue to implement Section 75 duties and Disability action Ensure RHA is compliant with all equality legislation and Qtr4 Yr1
plans and ensure all staff receive regular equality training staff are aware of all requirements under the legislation
Implement the new Measured Term Maintenance Contract Ensure continued quality, effectiveness and value for Qtr1 Yr1
money and high service levels
Conduct a business case into the provision of a directly Provide options to Board for most effective provision Qtr2 Yr1
employed Technical Operative of Maintenance Service

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