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Introduction and Mission Statement
Executive Summary
What We Plan To Do
The Strategic and Operational Process
SWOT analysis

5 SWOT analysis

Our stakeholders have helped us identify the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the Association along with the current
opportunities and threats facing Rural Housing. This SWOT analysis provides a framework for current and proposed activities of the
Association and is crucial in identifying areas which the Association needs to target to provide continuous improvement.

Strengths Weaknesses
• Recognised as specialist provider with expertise in local rural areas • Lack of development over previous two years contributing to
• Local knowledge limited growth and low income growth
• Good reputation with partners and stakeholders • Small organisation
• Sound asset base • Reliant on specific planning policies
• Independent position • Financially risk adverse
• Committed Board members with wide range of skills and experience • Some aging stock
and effective governance • Reliant on key staff covering wide ranging tasks
• Highly qualified, trained and motivated staff.
• Continual review of governance structures
• Successful Collaborative working with other stakeholders
• Awareness of Priority Issues and plans to tackle them
• Meeting Decent Homes
• Financially robust
• Excellent IT systems
• Good feedback from tenant surveys
• Use of remote and Cloud working for staff and Board
• Budget expenditure carefully monitored
• Awareness of rural issues
• Small, flexible and adaptable to change
• Strong support from NIHE

Opportunities Threats
• Rural issues still high on the political agenda • Rural issues can lose priority through urban bias
• Rural proofing • Economic Downturn
• Latent demand testing • Failure to perform on service delivery and tenants’ expectations
• Relationship with likeminded Housing Associations building procurement • Failure to perform on development targets and minimising rental
opportunities income
• Management of rural stock for others • Welfare Reform Act/Bedroom Tax/Local Housing Allowance
• New technology –use of Intranet -Drive to move business to paperless • Voids, rent arrears and bad debts
processes • Rent convergence between Associations and NIHE
• Better management information and use of electronic workflows • Increasing regulatory requirements and associated costs
• Migration of IT services to the Cloud • ONS review of Housing Association status
• Rural Design Guide to provide focus on Rural Housing Strategy • Fuel Poverty
• New Board Members bringing fresh experience and ideas • Technology/Systems crash – Business Continuity
• Specialism can be offered to others • Right to Buy
• Management of rural stock for others • Legal issues
• Changes in Local authorities and Planning • Environment & Government regulations
• Social Housing Reform Programme • Complacency
• In house development of new Rural Schemes • Social Housing Reform Programme
• Tenant Participation and new formalised links with tenants

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