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Chairperson’s Report
Honorary Treasurer’s Report
Property Management Update
Housing Management Update
Tenant Engagement and Communication

4 Housing Management Update

Satisfaction with Services Satisfaction with overall quality of Home Satisfaction as a place to live

We are therefore pleased to report that taking The vast majority of tenants are satisied with
everything into account, Tenant Satisfaction their neighbourhood as a place to live – results
with the overall service was high with 98% have remained fairly consistant over the last
of respondents saying they were either fairly three years (98% in 2015, 97%. In 2014 and % in
satisied or very satisied. 2013)

Tenant satisfaction with services Satisfaction with Area as Place to Live

Very Satisied 62%
Fairly Satisied 32%
Neither 2%
Fairly Dissatisied 3%
Very Dissatisied 1%

Very Satisied 68% What are we doing?
Fairly Satisied 30% Very Satisied 80%
Neither 2% We are always happy to hear from you Fairly Satisied 18%
Fairly Dissatisied 0% about your local area and are at the moment Neither 1%
promoting scheme visits and walkabouts
Very Dissatisied 0% therefore if you would like a member of staff Fairly Dissatisied 0%
to accompany you on a walkabout of your area, Very Dissatisied 1%
or would like to discuss any other concern,
Satisfaction with quality of home please contact either your Housing or Technical
Of all respondents 94% were satisied with Oficer.
the overall quality of their home compared to
88% last year.

7 : annual report & accounts 2015-16 : rural housing association
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