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Chairperson’s Report
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Property Management Update
Housing Management Update
Tenant Engagement and Communication

3 Property Management Update

An essential area that the Association places Our programmes of External Cyclical Maintenance What we have achieved in 2015
a great emphasis on is Tenant Satisfaction (ECM) completed with a total of 50 properties
with the whole process of getting the repairs being externally redecorated or cleaned and Performance on the services that tenants have
carried out. We appreciate and understand washed down. The Association is currently told us they are most interested in is presented
the disturbance that getting repairs works busy preparing for the 2016/17 programme of in the following pages.
completed can cause and as a result we expect planned maintenance with a further 92 properties
high standards from our Contractors. In order programmed for ECM works. We would like to take this opportunity to
to monitor this process the Association has a thank all our tenants for taking the time to
policy to contact every tenant after they have 2015/16 saw the Association deliver its largest participate in our Tenant Satisfaction Survey for
repairs completed to seek feedback regarding Multi Element improvements scheme to date 2015. A total of 430 surveys were distributed
their overall experience from the Contactor with 40 properties beneitting from circa and we received 195 replies providing us with a
making a suitable appointment to how the £200,000 worth of investment in new kitchens, response rate of just over 45%.
Contactor conducted themselves within their windows, external doors, replacement energy
property. We also look at their experience when eficient boilers and heating upgrades. This feedback is very important to us as it helps
they contact the Association to report a repair us identify ways we can improve and provide a
and how helpful our staff are. The Association is currently working on better service and ensure we are meeting the
the 2016/17 programme which will see 85 needs of our tenants.
As Graph 1.1 highlights the Association dealt properties beneit from circa £240,000 worth
with over 1000 individual repair orders within of investment in new energy eficient boilers The survey presents the views of a
the 2015/16 year and we are pleased to report with associated heating upgrades and kitchen representative sample of our tenants and
from our follow up tenant satisfaction surveys replacements. looks at a range of services examining overall
88% of our tenants were either fairly or very satisfaction with services including quality
satisied with the way that Rural Housing This is all part of the Association’s commitment of home; neighbourhood, rents; repairs and
Association dealt with repairs – this represents to a 5 year programme of planned maintenance maintenance; tenant participation and customer
an increase of 13% from last year’s results. to invest £1million pound in our properties that care. We are pleased to report that operational
will see 50% of the stock receive new kitchens, performance continued to improve across all
Planned Maintenance windows, external doors and boiler replacements areas of Housing Management.
amongst other planned maintenance. This
The 2015/16 Planned Maintenance programme demonstrates the Association’s further
was completed successfully which included commitment to the constant improvement of
our annual External Cyclic Maintenance (ECM) our properties and ensuring that tenants are able
programme and Multi Element Improvement to live in high quality housing with affordable
(MEI). rents in rural locations.

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