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Chairperson’s Report
Honorary Treasurer’s Report
Property Management Update
Housing Management Update
Tenant Engagement and Communication

3 Property Management Update

Our Annual Report looks back on our to thank both Contractors for the work and • Tenant Satisfaction.
performance over the last business year service they have carried out over the years on • Quality of Workmanship.
and highlights some of our priorities and behalf of Rural Housing. • Service and Communication from
achievements. Contractor to Association.
The Association has signed a new contract with • Timelines for Completion of works orders.
Performance JMC Mechanical and Construction, commencing • Health and safety onsite.
1st April 2016 and running for 3 years with
Repairs and Maintenance an option to extend longer, depending on Graph 1.1 below outlines our results for the year
It is the Association’s aim to provide the best performance. We are delighted to be working 2015/16 regarding KPI 4 which assesses how
with JMC who have extensive experience of
many jobs are completed within the target
possible Repairs service to our tenants and we providing this service and we look forward to of each urgency category. We are pleased
are determined to continually improve on our working in partnership with them to ensure we to report that our previous Contractors did
performance levels each year. continue to provide an effective and eficient make improvements in 3 of the 4 response
repairs service for all our tenants. time’s categories but note that overall our
Response Maintenance performance was lower than last year. This
The Association’s long standing response Throughout the year of 2015/16 the Association can be expected with the transition to a new
maintenance contracts with PK Murphy and closely manages and monitors the Contractor’s Contractor and it is envisaged that with a new
Nicor Construction came to an end in March performance via KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Contractor in place this overall target will be
2016. We would like to take this opportunity and the Association meets with each Contractor exceeded.
on a monthly basis to review these results.

Target KPI
Job Type Total Number of Jobs Total Jobs complete Completion percent 2014/15 Results 2015/16 Results
within timescale
Immediate Call out 166 159 90% 93.5% 95.7%
(same day response)

Emergency Call Out 122 103 80% 82.7% 84.4%
(within 24 Hours)

Urgent (within
4 working days) 393 326 80% 81.9% 82.9%

Routine (within
4 working weeks) 406 328 80% 91.1% 80.7%

Overall Totals 1087 916 80% 87.1% 84.2%
(& Averages)

Graph 1.1

5 : annual report & accounts 2015-16 : rural housing association
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