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Chairperson’s Report
Honorary Treasurer’s Report
Property Management Update
Housing Management Update
Tenant Engagement and Communication

4 Housing Management Update

We are pleased to report 94% of our tenants Satisfaction on % expressing % expressing The Association were pleased to note a marked
found our staff helpful (92% in 2014 and 90% in dealing with Satisfaction/ Satisfaction/ improvement in the maintenance service
2013) with only 2% saying they were unhelpful Maintenance rating 2015 rating 2014 provided to our tenants with the vast majority,
and 86% advised that they found it easy to get Overall Satisfaction 92% 85% i.e. 92% satisied with how the Association has
hold of the person they needed to speak to. with Rural’s managed repairs in the last year compared to
Maintenance/ 85% in the previous year.
Our tenants prefer to be informed by Repairs Service
telephone, email or letter. We have invested in The reasons provided for dissatisfaction include
customer services training for all our staff and Satisfaction with 87% 84% repairs taking too long to start and poor
Quality of work
upgraded our telephone technology to improve communication in terms of being told when
our telephone response service and ensure Satisfaction with 76% 75% contractors are due to attend to the repairs
that when you call you get speaking to the communication; or contractors failing to notify our tenants of
appropriate oficer and you are satisied with i.e. told when appointment times - these indings will remain a
the response. 85% of tenants advised that they contractors calling key focus for our technical team to continually
were satisied with the inal outcome compared Satisfaction 90% 83% improve upon.
to 75% in our previous year’s results. reference Dirt & Mess
kept to a minimum The Association will endeavour to ensure that
The Priorities identiied in our most recent our new measured term maintenance contracts
survey highlight the most important issues Satisfaction reference 78% 79% in 2016 will maintain our high levels of
time that work was
for our tenants include the provision a good started standards and aim for continued improvement.
quality Repairs & Maintenance Service, Quality
of Home and Neighbourhood. Satisfaction 85% 85% As part of our Tenant Participation Strategy we
reference speed work are encouraging our tenants to become more
completed involved and are at the moment promoting
Estate walkabouts within the schemes to
Satisfaction 91% 86%
reference attitude identify any issues or concerns that our tenants
of contractors may have and to give them the opportunity
to bring these concerns to the attention of
Housing or Technical Oficer.

Priorities identified? Housing Allocations
160 148 Housing Management plays an important role
in ensuring that we provide a high quality
140 service to all our customers.
120 122 Two of the most familiar Key Performance
100 Indicators within Housing are Rent Arrears and
80 Voids. Housing Associations are operating in an
increasingly challenging inancial environment,
60 59 56 50 62 so maximising income is more important than
40 ever before.
21 21
20 Rural Housing Association had 53 lettings
5 (General Needs Accommodation) including
0 letting of 6 ESP’s purchased through the year in
KeepingI nformed Residents Overall Quality Of Home Listening To Residents Repairs and Maintenance Value For Money Behaviour Anti-Social Support and Advice Neighbourhood Support Worker
areas including Ballycastle and Castlewellan.

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