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Chairperson’s Report
Honorary Treasurer’s Report
Property Management Update
Housing Management Update
Tenant Engagement and Communication

4 Housing Management Update

We are always looking for ways to improve the Housing Associations like Rural have to SATISFACTION WITH STAFF BEING HELPFUL
value for money that we deliver to our tenants. continually address ways of adding value to the
81% expressed overall satisfaction with the estates and communities in which they operate. 89% of our tenants found our staff helpful with
value for money for the rent of their property, We hope to continue to work in partnership with only 3% saying they were unhelpful and 87%
compared to 75% last year. all our tenants to continually improve this igure. advised that they found it easy to get hold of
the person they needed to speak to.
Value for Money
It is important we keep our tenants involved on Did You find Staff Helpful
all matters – 79% of our tenants advised they
were satisied that we listened to their views
and acted upon them. We hope to continue
to work in partnership with all our tenants to
improve this.

Satisfaction that Association Listens

Very Satisied 113 Helpful 175
Fairly Satisied 47 Unhelpful 6
Neither 10 Neither 7
Fairly Dissatisied 17 Can’t Remember 2
Very Dissatisied 5 No answer 7
No answer 5

Very Satisied 95
Fairly Satisied 60
Neither 12
Fairly Satisied 12
Very Dissatisied 6
No answer 12

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